Life’s Occasions

Life’s Occasions

At Zanzibar, we like to think we do business a bit differently from many other companies. After all, you have the ability to choose from any number of DJ’s from around the state. However, as a non-conglomerate, we pride our ability to offer services that are personal, professional, and specifically suited to your event.

The Non-Package Concept

Why construct packages that are either too restrictive or make you pay for more than you really need? At Zanzibar, we offer multiple unique options that can take your party to the next level. We work with you to decide on the best services to compliment your event.

Need a Plan ?

Zanzibar realizes that many of our clients are first-time party planners. We understand; We do this for a living! To help, we offer party-planning services and 10 years of professional experience to help guide you through the many possibilities.

Why Not Celebrate

Zanzibar entertainment can turn you ordinary party into an Event.

Sweet 16’s , Spiritual Milestones, Corporate Recognition